The Right Way to Cook Pasta

Even the simple dish has little secrets to staying perfect. See dough preparation tips, sauces recipes and how to serve

Do not think that to make noodles, just add dough to the boiling water. The story is not quite like that. The favorite dish of those who have little intimacy with the stove requires some care to be tasty. Check out 10 precious tips from João Beleza and Beto Fernandes, from the Italian restaurant Milano Doc in Rio de Janeiro, and make the pasta dish become a recipe for success. See also the secrets of preparing traditional and dear sauces.

Do not throw the noodles on the plate: learn the technique for serving long pasta.

1. Use 1 liter of filtered water for every 100 grams of dough. And be careful: pasta does not take long to cook. See the preparation time indicated on the package.

2. 10 grams of salt is the ideal measure for every liter of water. But put it in the water only after it boils, before adding the pasta. If you add before, it takes longer to warm up.

3. To find out if the mass is at the point, cut a wire and see if it is still possible to see a white spot in the middle. It’s ready when it’s one color.

4. It is not necessary to add oil or oil to the water so that the wires are undamaged. For this, the important thing is to cook the batter in enough water and stir a few times. Usually, the strands stick together when they start cooking. It is necessary to release them with the aid of a long fork.

5. If the pasta does not fit in the pan, it is not necessary to break it. Leave half out and as soon as the part immersed in the water softens, it will slip. Stirring with a fork helps in the process.

6. If you are going to serve with the sauce separately, dissolve a little butter or olive oil in the pasta. The same is true when the pasta is cooked for later use.

7. Always use large cookware, with more height than a diameter, and strong flame stove.


4 Ways to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Everyone in my family is deprived of sleep. My wife, who usually writes this column, is so overwhelmed this month that he asked me to fill out for her. It is tempting to blame our lack of sleep disturbance on the night of our nine months and our baby. But it’s my fault, too: like 30 percent of my fellow citizens, my sleeping habits are pretty miserable. Instead of treating my sleep as a valuable resource, I stay close to sleeping as folding clothes: as a normal obligation, I will get to the end.

Decades ago, this attitude may be defensible, but today scientists have linked sleep disorders to accelerated aging, increased risk of obesity, and immune and cardiovascular dysfunction. The good news is that becoming a better sleep can be easier than it sounds.

Part 1

Lighting to bedtime take serious (but not too serious).

Recent studies have shown that reading on an electronic screen right before bedtime can inhibit the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps to fall asleep. While it is true that these devices can mimic the effect of sunlight on the eyes and affect the timing of the body’s internal clock, circadian neuroscientist Russell Foster of Oxford University says that in the end, tthe number ofquestions surfaced more than quality. “Intense light has a brain-based alert effect, and the amount of light these portable electronic devices give off is quite low,” says Foster. “Ironically, the last thing most of us do before going to bed is to stay in a massively lit bath while brushing our teeth.” So, rather than stressing when reading on the bed on a screen or paper, put the bathroom light switch on a dimmer or simply brush your teeth for the first time. However this is done, the goal is to minimize exposure to light for 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime.

Take a morning “shower of photons.”

According to Foster, the same cells in the eye that are based on weak light to facilitate you in sleep also need a burst of light in the morning to re-synchronize the circadian rhythm. “The body of the watch is a little over 24 hours, so without this stabilizing effect by the morning light, the clock begins to drift,” says Foster. In other words, you will start going to bed later and wake up later and at the same time every morning, gradually building up a sleep deficit. The best remedy is, of course, the natural light of day. But if your work, your children or your strength of geography you get up before dawn, grit your teeth and flip the ceiling lights at maximum volume until it can get a little ‘sun. Most interior lighting has at least the same ambient brightness as an early morning sky between 400 and 1,000 lux (unit of scientific lighting measurement). Foster recommends “shower” with 1,000 to 2,000 lux in the morning to ensure supervision and set your biological clock to hang properly in the late afternoon. If you really want to get scientific, you can download applications for smartphone light meter that will tell you exactly how bright any spot in your home is.

Hack your dreams.

The dream function is still unknown, but a 2011 study by Robert Stickgold, director of the Harvard Medical School’s Center for Sleep and Cognition, showed that people who had been told to solve a maze were able to make it more efficient if they experienced task-related dreams before doing it. And lucid dreaming in which the dreamer becomes able to control his own experience without waking up, can amplify the effects of the dream-reducing anxiety and perception of production. “There are studies that show that people who have a lucid dream for a month or more are more resilient in the face of stressful events,” says Tore Nielsen, a sleep researcher at the University of Montreal. First, you can experience spontaneous lucid dreams, Nielsen says, making a habit of asking yourself: “I’m dreaming” Throughout the day. Eventually he probably asks the question during a dream, realize that you are dreaming and take control. “It has been shown that you can fly, you can explore creative ideas, also treat nightmares” with lucid dreams, he says.

Just do it.

While researching this article, I met a seemingly inexhaustible source of sleep-hacking tricks, taking a noon “caffeine nap” -Drink a cup of coffee, and then sleep for 20 minutes-to keep one foot out of the blankets oovernight.But at the end of the day, Stickgold says, it’s very simple: either you choose to get the sleep you need, or you choose not to. “I tell people to do an experiment: go to bed an hour earlier than usual every night for a week,” Stickgold says. “And if it is at the end of the week that you are ‘behind’ really seven hours at all, then stop doing it! But if you suggest to me that you are not the most efficient with a little more than seven hours you’re completely delirious. “He accepted the challenge, Dr. Stickgold.

What to Write on a Sympathy Card

One of the hardest things about writing sympathy cards is figuring out what to say. Often, people find it difficult to convey their feelings and thoughts during those times. For this reason, it is important to have some kind of reference when you write your message on paper. This makes the process much easier as you find the right words to express exactly how you feel at that moment. Below you will find a list of hot words and appropriate to act as a guideline. You can use as is or customize them to suit your situation. The most important thing is to capture the gravity of the moment with your words. The recipient will feel appreciated and loved for the time to honor them in their time of pain.

I am deeply saddened by the loss of your daughter. He will always be in our hearts.

What to write on a sympathy card: comforting the mourners

What to Write

Wanting mourning peace, comfort, hope, healing or peace can be very uplifting. You can send a comforting message as part of a longer one.


  • Our hearts are with you and your family.
  • May all good memories that comfort.
  • I am with you in thought and wish you comfort and peace to remember Paul.

What to Write on a Sympathy Card: Sharing the Faith

What to Write

If you strongly believe in the concept of faith as the basis of life, you should not be afraid to let your belief show when you write a message of sympathy. You can desire comfort and peace the recipient of God during difficult times.


  • Peter is now based on the eternal arms of his savior
  • May the good God be with you in this moment of sadness.

What to Write on a Sympathy Card: Support Show

What to Write

If you can offer support, helping to organize housework or any other form of help, you can mention in your message. It will be much appreciated. However, you should ensure that you are able to follow through on your offer.


  • Although I can not take the pain I want you to know that in me you have a shoulder and an ear.
  • I’m thinking of you. You can always reach out if you need help.
  • I realize this is a difficult time for you. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

To make it even more effective, you can try to be more specific with your offer.

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What to Write on a Sympathy Card: Share Quotes

What to Write

If you have a couple of quotes that may be heartwarming or some that have had some special meaning for the dead, you can include in the message.

Do we find some favorite words of comfort or healing? Or are you aware of some words that had special meaning for the deceased? Feel free to talk when you sign your card.


  • “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”
    – Matthew 11:28 (NIV)
  • When I lost my brother, these words of Hellen Keller I consulates. I hope you also console.

    “What we have enjoyed since it can never be lost. Everything we deeply love becomes part of us.”

  • “The memory of those who have done their beloved is the only consolation when we lose.” -Demoustier

Information about Eggplant

Plant characteristics Plant with a shrub habit, with a semilenous stem that can reach a height of more than one meter. It presents vigorous vegetation, with ample formation of lateral branches. It can be helpless or provided with spines and its leaves, with the ovate format, present the inferior page covered by numerous hairs. The commercial product of the plant is the still immature fruit, of wine-dark color, intensely bright. As the loss of the external brightness of the fruit occurs, root formation is observed internally.

Flower Characteristic

It has hermaphrodite, violet flowers, 4 to 5 cm in diameter, sometimes with a small yellow spot. They have the green chalice and covered with hair. They may appear solitary in the axilla of the leaf or, sometimes, in groups of 2 to 5 flowers. It is self-fertilized.


The eggplant is a vegetable that contains small amounts of vitamin B5 and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron. Niacin (vitamin B5) protects the skin and helps regulate the nervous system and digestive system. The minerals Calcium, Phosphorus and Iron contribute to the formation of bones and teeth, muscle building and blood clotting. Few people know, however, that it is a vegetable with a cholesterol-lowering power and reduces the action of fats on the liver. Its juice is used in inflammation of the kidneys, bladder and urethra as a powerful diuretic. What does eggplant taste like?

The eggplant is highly recommended for those suffering from arthritis, gout, rheumatism, diabetes, and inflammation of the skin in general. As it has laxative power, it is advisable in the indigenous and imprisonment of Venere. At the time of purchase, preference should be given to those that are firm, of a uniform purple color and lustrous.

The eggplants should be kept in the refrigerator in plastic bags, so they are kept in good condition for 2 weeks. People have a habit of dipping them in water and salt before its preparation, but this will invalidate the taste of vegetable and much of its nutritional properties. The harvest period eggplant from January to May. One hundred grams of eggplant provide 27 calories.



The 4 Basic and Essential Steps of Residential Construction

Well-executed residential works withstand all the burdens imposed on them, whether by nature’s actions or over the years without suffering major damage

The works residential pass through dozens of stages until they are completed, going from the design of architecture, the services preliminaries, as the soil survey, foundation, masonry, to reach the final finishes.

Basically, we can say that all the residential works go through 4 stages :

1- Structure

  1. Foundation
  2. Pillars
  3. Beams
  4. Slab

2- Masonry

3- Coverage

4- Finishing


Next, let’s talk a little about each one. If you have any questions, it will be the opportunity to remedy it, or you can use the information to help your customers and retain them all.

Construction of Walls with Cement Slabs

Without the need for specialized labor, the construction of walls with cement panels is easy to carry out and reduces deadlines

With simple installation, the cement boards provide greater speed in the construction of walls. Although it does not require specialized labor, the most critical procedure is to ensure that the spacing between parts is respected. Check out!

Step by step construction with cement slabs

– The procedure of construction of walls with cementitious parents begins with the placement of the steel structures.

– Next, markings must be made on the structures, indicating where the cement slabs will be fixed. It is important to make sure that the parts will be at least 1 cm away from the ground.

– It is also advisable to draw on the cement plates some points that show the regions that will be drilled to receive the screws. The indication is that the attachment starts at the tips of the plates the distance is 5 cm from the side of the horizontal edge and 10 cm from the side of the vertical edge, the other anchorages follow every 30 cm throughout the end and also the center at each upright of the structure (figure below).

– Using a screwdriver, start fixing the cementitious panel following both the indications made on the structures and those drawn on the plate itself. Screws must be attached to all stud bolts.

– With the first plate fastened to the frame, mark a distance of 3 mm between the parts and perform the fastening of the next panel following the same steps as the previous one. It is important to be careful that the bolts of the two plates are not perfectly aligned, as this creates a tension with enough force to damage the part.

– The treatment of the joints begins with the cleaning of the region, and the removal of the larger materials is done using a spatula. With the absence of imperfections, a coating is applied primer in the plate recess, located approximately 15 cm on each side.

– With the primer dry, prepare the cementitious mass that will be applied to the joints. This mortar must be totally homogeneous.

– The mortar is applied in the recess region of the piece, filling an area of about 8 cm.

– After the grout has dried, glue a joint treatment tape that is 5 cm wide. This tape, which needs to be completely stretched, serves to guide the execution of the new layer of mortar. It is necessary to completely cover the tape with the mortar.

– For the third coat, repeat the second coat procedure. The only difference is that the joint treatment tape should be 10 cm instead of the previous 5 cm. In this step, after covering the entire tape, the joint should be completely level. The healing of this stage takes 24 hours.

– In hot environments, cracks in treated joints are likely to appear. In this case, we recommend a new coat with the 10 cm tape and wait another 24 hours for the new cure.

– To finish the treatment of the joints, apply the finishing mass. After one day of execution, it is possible to sand the entire surface to prepare it to receive the final finish, which can be any type of coating available in the market.

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The Benefits of Natural Food for Dogs

The food is the most important pillar for the health of any living being. And natural food (AN), with fresh ingredients and no added preservatives, is best for our body. We have already discovered the advantages of eating well, with your pet is no different. But if by logic you are still not convinced how beneficial it is to feed your pet with natural food, we will tell you some incredible benefits of this type of food.

Natural Feeding Prevents Serious Diseases in Dogs

Cancer, kidney, urologic and gastrointestinal problems are among the top ten diseases that cause death in dogs. The natural foodis a powerful resource in preventing these evils. Animals with these diseases, for the most part, are undergoing a process of chronic inflammation, it is like a constant response of the organism to an injury that has as characteristics the tissue destruction and repair attempts occurring simultaneously – as if the body were at war with himself. The natural food has less inflammatory reaction in the body, which will reduce the release of free radicals (harmful to the body and one of the causes of aging), preventing these diseases. This means you and your partner have a lot more moments together, much longer and with quality.

Balanced and personalized nutrition for the dog

The dog is one of the species with the highest polymorphism. What does that mean? That individuals are different from each other. What works well for your dog can do harm to your neighbor’s dog. With natural food, all the nutritional and energetic requirements of each pet can be served with selected ingredients, of quality and without the use of additives. This means that it is possible to create diets specific to your pet’s needs, both in relation to race, age, size, amount of physical activity practiced and lifestyle, as well as health status. Everything is very personalized. So if your dog has that otitis that never goes away, has kidney or heart problems, is overweight or is older, for example, there is a diet specific to him, in all cases. And the menu can be adapted whenever necessary.

Your dog takes more advantage of the nutrients

Still not convinced? There are more benefits! When your dog or cat feeds on natural food, it digests more easily all the nutrients there – and there are many! Who never gave chicken rice when the little dog was going bad? This type of food is also great for animals that have a more selective taste and have more difficulty at mealtimes. This is because natural food is what the species has been accustomed to eating for 15,000 years, pleases the palate, makes the menu varied and therefore more attractive, and has a seductive scent for the pets’ powerful nose. It also increases involuntary water intake, which is very important for health.


How to Tell if My Dog has a Fever?

Many people are mistaken when they measure a dog’s temperature. The normal temperature of a healthy dog ranges from 38.5 to 39.5 degrees, different from humans. That’s why people who do not know it gets scared when they measure the temperature and think that the dog has a fever without it really is.

If your dog’s temperature is above 40 degrees, we advise you to take it to the vet right away, as this is a sign that something is not right in your body. It may be with an infection or some flaw in the immune system.

Symptoms of Fever in Dogs

The dog shows some signs of a fever, such as: hot and dry nose, watery or blurry eyes, apathy, lack of appetite and nervousness. When the fever is very high, the dog, as well as the people, can suffer tremors.


How to measure the temperature of the dog with a normal thermometer

You will need a thermometer. It does not have to be a specific thermometer for dogs (although they are sold, they are the same as ours). Buy a common thermometer for humans and leave it reserved for use on your dog.

  1. Shake the thermometer until the mercury level or the temperature is set at least 35 degrees.
  2. Lubricate the thermometer with Vaseline or some lubricating gel.
  3. If your dog is agitated, ask someone to hold it for you. Ideally, he should be lying down so there is no risk of sitting on the thermometer.
  4. Insert 1/3 of the thermometer into your dog’s anus.
  5. Leave for 1 to 2 minutes.
  6. Check the temperature on the thermometer.
  7. Do not forget to clean the thermometer after use.


SSG displaces SKT and wins in final history of the 2014 World Cup

The 2017 League of Legends World Cup final went down in history by registering the Samsung Galaxy team as its champion. All because of their opponents, SK Telecom T1 three-time champions, who were the favorites and still had not lost any final match in which they participated. Only the victory would be a highlight, but it was, moreover, by three to zero, in a better scheme of five, reinforcing the superiority of the winners in matches full of good times for both sides.

Defeated but not weak

SKT, the legendary Faker’s team, has fallen to Samsung, but that does not mean they are either weak or performing worse than in other years. At various times during the match the power and skill of his players were seen, especially Faker himself. As much as his team was losing, the mid laner was able to accomplish goals and buy the right equipment very quickly to strengthen their champion in play.

The victory of the Samsung Galaxy was mainly due to the best preparation and possible training they did before the final match. It is worth remembering that, although they are always favorites, SKT has not been showing the same resounding result that was normally seen in past championships in the last phases of the 2017 World Cup.

Difficulty start

Still, since the start of the first match, SKT has shown great difficulty in reversing the opposing team’s bids. Players from the winning team like Crown and Ambition had a good time during the lane fights against their opponents, gaining territory and knocking down towers without much sacrifice.

The ease was so great that the match was very fast, inclusive. With just over 20 minutes Samsung tried to defeat its first “Baron” – a map target, a monster that gives more power to the team that defeats it – even if it has not. However, the dose was successfully repeated shortly thereafter and the crash ended in favor of Samsung with just under 34 minutes, one of the shortest times for world cup finals.

An amazing development

Known for being “uncalled for” or “unbalanced”, champion Yasuo always raises jokes and euphoria when he is chosen to participate in a clash in LoL finals. It was exactly what happened at the beginning of the second match when, even in the “picks and bans” phase, Huni chose precisely the samurai who controls the wind.

The choice seems to have yielded some result. More tied to try to tie, SKT was able to knock down the first tower, eliminate the first opponent and gain part of the map with ease, including goals. But when the two teams got together to start the “team fight” where everyone participates, Samsung managed to get the pressure they were suffering and then again end the match in their favor.

The obvious outcome

With two games already won, it was enough for the Samsung Galaxy to defeat SKT once again to get their hands on the cup. Faker’s team felt the pressure of having to win at least two matches to tie and then win the third to be the champion. But that did not happen. Faced with pressure, and with a replacement of Blank in place of Peanut, Samsung managed to win with just over 30 minutes.

Asus releases Android update 8 for Zenfone Zenfone 3 and 4

Smartphone Zenfone 3 and Zenfone 4 are the first from Asus to receive an update to Android 8 (Oreo). Some customers have already upgraded manually Zenfone 4 last week, but on Monday (29), the manufacturer released the update of official way, including Brazil. The news is true for versions with Snapdragon 630 or 660. In the case of processors Zenfone 3, the change involves the variants with screens of 5.2 inches or 5.5 inches.

Early in the update queue are retail phones, or sold in traditional stores and not in operators stores. According to Asus, the Zenfones linked to plans TIM are next, with arrival planned package for short. According to the company, other smartphones lines Zenfone Zenfone 3 and 4 will also receive the software, but the dates of the next round of updates has not been disclosed.

What to expect from Motorola in 2018: G6 are coming Moto, Moto Moto Z3 and X5

The Android update 8 should arrive automatically to users Zenfone Zenfone 3 and 4. If you do not receive notification, the recommendation is to get the update manually on your phone. For this, you need to navigate to the “Settings” menu> “About Device” and “Software Update.”

Zenfone 3:04

The Asus Zenfone 4 launched in Brazil in October 2017 along with three other variants: Zenfone 4 Max , Zenfone 4 selfie , Zenfone 4 selfie Pro and Zenfone 4. The traditional model that does not take suffix in the name, is the one who receives the new Android for now.

The mobile fits in the premium category intermediate. It has dual camera on the back (16 megapixels and 8 MP) and options Snapdragon processor 630 or 660, and RAM of 4 GB or 6 GB. The storage is 64 GB, expandable via microSD up to 1 TB, they do not yet exist cards with this ability . The model arrived in Brazil for R $ 1,899.

The Zenfone 3 was released a year earlier, on models with 5.2-inch or 5.5 inches. The phone also offers memory options RAM 3 GB or 4 GB storage and 32 GB or 64 GB. The cheapest model arrived in the country costing R $ 1,499.

Android 8

More current version of the system Google , the Android Oreo was released in August , but is still present in only 0.7% of Android devices in the world. The update promises strong improvement of battery consumption, faster boot and some new functions.

Among the new features are the notification channels, which group alerts by categories; The picture-in-picture (PiP), that minimizes apps in a floating window; and automatic connection yourself known Wi-Fi networks with the feature turned off.