5 Advantages of Using Liquid Eyeliner

5 Advantages of Using Liquid Eyeliner

There are some of the advantages to choosing a liquid eyeliner in place of a powder-primarily based option, now not the least of which are the convenience with which liquid eyeliners may be used and the way smooth it may be to customise your eyeliner application.

“not anything oozes handy glamour, greater than liquid liner”, enthuses superstar makeup artist Armand Beasley, who has glamorised a number of the most beautiful women in the global together with Hollywood icon Goldie Hawn. Right here are his guidelines on why it must be a liquid line on every occasion.


Staying energy

“sturdiness is the most important benefit of a liquid liner,” explains Armand. “a pencil liner can disappear over the years whereas a liquid liner – particularly those from il lamas quo, m.A.C or Guerlain, could be totally smudge-proof once dried.”


It will make your eyes bigger

“eyes can also appearance wider the use of liquid liner if you begin to close the internal nook of the upper lashes and paintings outwards even as gradually thickening the road and completing with a subtle forty five degrees flick to produce a cat-eye effect,” suggests Armand. To in addition growth your doe-eyed look, upload mascara to both your top and bottom lashes. Then mascara pinnacle and backside.


Sharpen up

“Liquid liner can be neater too as pencil or powder liner can fall or smudge because the day progresses due to oil manufacturing around the attention location.”

Delivered shape

“precision is a keyword in relation to the liquid liner as it may virtually beautify the shape of an eye without the want of shadow, even as nevertheless looking easy,” says Armand.

To get the pleasant utility, constant your elbow through resting it on a desk then enhance your brows while searching barely down onto a reflect and slowly dot-to-dot the liquid liner along your lash line. “steady the hand through using the little finger as a guide,” he provides.


Get creative

“you could create a diffusion of looks with a liquid liner by using below your eye in addition to your eyelid – think twiggy”, he laughs.

“be innovative and mirror your pinnacle liner with one under and dad white liner at the inner of the eye (art deco do a super one), then upload a complete set of lashes on the pinnacle and backside!” he adds.

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