7 attitudes that promote union and strength among women!

7 attitudes that promote union and strength among women!

Today, March 8, we celebrate International Women's Day. It is a very special and important date not only for all the women of the world but also for society in general, because it represents one more victory of the population in the search for rights.

Women are special people, hard workers and strong. But they are also delicate, loving and kind. Unfortunately, our society often promotes disunity among women through toxic competitions based on beauty standards or lifestyles.

Every woman has the right to be and to live the way she wants, and it is important to be united and strengthened to create an ever better world.

As a way of honoring all of our readers, we have listed below 7 attitudes that promote union and strength among all women in the world. Enjoy and incorporate these transformative behaviors!

1. Understand that disrespect can never be accepted, and that often lies in "innocent" comments

We live with many people every day. Some are respectful, others are not. However, we can always do something to combat prejudice and disrespect against our neighbor. If you see someone humiliating another woman, do not skip it. If you happen to behave rudely toward another woman yourself, think again. Do not help perpetuate a toxic culture. Be the difference!

2. Show Care and Empathy for Other Women

Try to take a more careful look at the women in your life. Do not judge them without having an idea of ​​the struggles they are facing. We all do the best with what we have at the moment, replace your judgment with love and empathy.

3. Be the friend you would like to have

Set an example in your relationships with other women. Be the friend you would like to have, and if there is any person with whom you do not have affinity, just walk away, do not defame or spread false comments. Learn to speak and act with love.

4. Recognize and congratulate other women for their victories

Work on yourself to feel true happiness and gratitude for the achievements of other women. Understand that the success of one is, in a way, the success of all and that its moment will also come.

We all like and feel happy when we receive praise. This really can make a difference in our day. Be a great incentive for the women in your life, they are not your enemies, but your companions of journey !

5. Do not frame yourself or other women in standards set by the media / society

We should celebrate the differences, not silence them. See the different beauties and learn to respect them. We all have the right to adopt the style we want and be accepted in the same way. Instead of judging herself or another woman based on what society says as "beautiful and right," she sees beyond the superficial.

6. Do not condemn other women for having behaviors and thoughts different from yours

As stated above, we have the right to follow the path we prefer, we are free people! That is why it is practically impossible to live with women like us. We have different beliefs, styles, bodies, and preferences, and no one is better than anyone else. In condemning other women for being different, you are only manifesting a limited mindset. Transcend!

7. Use the Great Women of History as an Example for Yourself

Learn more about the great female personalities in history and everything they have done to make the world a better place. Use your example to improve yourself. Be an active member of your community. Support female causes. It helps transform our world. We can always do our part!

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