Being a woman is …

Being a woman is ...

Being a woman is having a whirlwind of mixed feelings . It is to be an extraordinary human being, to have the sweetness in a look, even with the heart to tear.

To be a woman is to have the courage to move on, even if everyone discredits the future. It is to begin again, even if the fall is great.

To be a woman is to have the unique gift of being able to generate another human being, to have the ability to love unconditionally the fruit of her womb, even if she has never learned it to be a mother.
It is to have an affectionate embrace that cuddles and relieves the pain of the other, is to be, to have, is to live intensely their feelings, their conquests and their life.

To be a woman is to have us mascara and shade, and do not blur the face when you get excited. He is walking in high heels elegantly, even with his feet calloused and sore. It is to have the lightness of a satin dress, even if the burden is heavy.

To be a woman is to have the gracefulness of a gemstone, brute or stoned. It is to have the radiant radiance of the sun. It's having the lull and bustle of the sea. It is to have a woman's body, but a girl's soul.

To be a woman is to be fragile and strong enough. It is to be able to break taboos and face obstacles, without losing your composure.

Being a woman is a divine mission, it is to be a safe haven for a child, and to have the richest food of life: breast milk. It is to have the power of healing in a kiss.

Being a woman is to be able to understand the stages of life by having its own phases. It is split between being a mother, wife, friend, grandmother, aunt. It is knowing how to listen and understand what the other is feeling. It is, at times, to forget one's own pain to welcome the pain of the other.

To be a woman is above all to be noble!

I wish all of us women of this world, on this day that was chosen for to honor us, to be virtuous, humble in heart and fervent, just as Mary was.

I wish that we should be lovers and evangelists, just as Priscilla was. I want us to be kind and faithful companions, just as Ruth was. I wish that we may be model mothers who do not abandon their children just as Rispa was.

I wish we could leave our marks in the history of this century, as virtuous women . of the cover image licensed to the site The Secret: Almos Bechtold on Unsplash

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