How mindfulness can help us to see our children …

How mindfulness can help us to see our children ...

When we discover that we will be parents, we spontaneously make a lot of projections about our children . our babies, even when they are still infinitely smaller than the least of our dreams for them.

In these projections, they already have a future. We already know what we do not want them to go through. We have already stipulated how they should behave in family gatherings. We already hope for their professions and even for their musical tastes. We also throb about the times when they feel cold or hungry. In relation to them, we always act as if they are winds and we try at all times to change their direction, leading them where we think best.

However, when babies are born, even if we continue to map out routes of how they should be and how they should behave, their uniqueness will gradually make us rethink our dreams for them.

Although many of these dreams still remain some will be planned again or redone, according to the preferences of the babies and their personality. In this case, it is as if the winds refuse to move according to the barriers we put to them. And so we seek a balance between what we desire and we are sure that it is better for them and what they themselves seek, from their sensations, wants and needs.

Finding a balance for this is not a very easy task for us parents. It is necessary to give continence to the winds. After all, our babies need this to enter the world of social exchanges, communication and culture. But to curtail them too much is also to curtail their dreams, their freedom and their creativity. What to do, then?

The answer lies in interacting with them through mindfulness. Attention fully is the capacity we have to have and keep an eye on what we live in the present relations, without judging or interpreting what we are living.

In other words, we must seek, at the moment In this case, relating through mindfulness allows us to leave our projections aside to interact with our children as they are, to be with them, to be with them, not to categorize or reflect on their actions.

rather than interacting with them, according to what we think they are or what they should be.

The exercise of mindfulness allows us to understand and accept our children in their specificity. This is even more essential for the parents of children who have deviations in their development, since, in addition to the projections that, in some situations, they can not achieve at the moment, they need to relate to parents, who often still they do not understand the trajectory of their development.

Seeking full attention is to allow us to be more present and whole in the affective and social interactions with our children. It is allowing us to be amazed at a smile that we do not expect and impact on their unexpected actions and learn from all they have to teach us.

Let's leave aside our projections , at least the moment we are with them, is to allow ourselves to be carried away by the delicious taste of the winds. And even if it is also important to give contingency to their movements, to feel their natural breeze on our faces and hearts is the best way to be with them and educate them.

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Life is much more than just "finding someone"

Life is much more than just "finding someone"

A message for all the people who live against the meeting, looking for the "right person" and end up forgetting to live. For women who desperately expect their enchanted prince to arrive before they turn 30, and for men who feel inferior to their friends because everyone is already starting their families while they are "on the hook."

A life is much more than just meeting someone else.

Many people totally transform their lives when they begin to relate to someone, but not in a healthy way. They make the other person the center of their lives, and all they do is think about their good. They believe that relationships work that way, but they do not realize they are creating a toxic pattern. It takes a long time for them to realize that they are living for someone else and not for themselves.

When the relationship comes to an end, the person who has spent too much time sees himself alone, without the other that was his reason for

It takes time and a lot of internal work for these people to learn to be happy on their own without the presence of a romantic partner. However, once they are strengthened, they rarely repeat the same pattern, because the first experience has already been negative enough.

Pay attention to this, you do not need another person to be happy and successful ]

You have every right to be alone in your own company throughout your journey. Self-love must come before all other kinds of love. Do not enter into a relationship just to please your friends and family. Allow in your life only what YOU really want.

Understand that, although it is not perfect, you are enough. You have your own brilliance, you do not have to live in the rear of someone else. Recognize your value and be your own priority.

No person or relationship can provide you with all the happiness you need. This is totally in your hands. Take responsibility for your own life.

Free yourself from all your insecurities and fears. Life must be lived! So take the risk, let yourself go after your happiness. Do not close the doors that open in your life. Break down the wall that separates you from what the universe has prepared for you. Approach the people who love you and want your good and invest more in yourself.

Begin today to build your new life !

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There are strong women and women who have not yet discovered their strength …

There are strong women and women who have not yet discovered their strength ...

The strength of the woman !

Fragile? That nothing, we are ahead of our time, conquering more and more space and taken to the world our vision of subjects that, for a long time, "were not allowed". The month of March comes to remember that there are strong women and women who have not yet discovered their strength.

It also comes to remember that the "modern superwoman" has been accumulating more and more tasks – run the house, is good company for her boyfriend or husband and still seeks space in the labor market.

Double day? Negative, quadruple journey. With the long dreamed gender equality and increasingly inserted in the labor market, the superwoman often forgets about herself, trying to balance the various roles she has won for herself, often wondering "how am I supposed to do it?"

Although this picture, which is often exhausting and generates an enormous charge to be good in everything, today's woman has power of choice, autonomy, personal satisfaction and freedom and rights. We do have the ability to be multitasking, but we do not have to be superheroes always. We have the right to ask for help, to cry, to give chilique "with class", to be tired. And one of the new responsibilities of modern women is to rephrase the family context and to have a new posture in the home, to show that everyone needs to do their part and have more responsibilities.

Man must be the right arm of the superwoman, assuming other roles besides provider, relieving the heavy burden that often – wanting to please the society – the woman brings to itself.

It remains for us, women, to know how to take advantage of all the changes in the best possible way, taking care of us in the first place so that we may use our forces at their maximum potentiality .

Our strength is portrayed in novels, poems, songs and stories, but it must be alive above all in ourselves!

So, take your power, celebrate your life and use your voice to give strength to everything that still needs to be changed and improved in the scenery of women's achievements, after all March also comes to remember that we still have a great battle ahead.

We have many victories but we need join forces more and more to show the world that empowered women can be whatever they want.

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For the right of each one to be what you want, without having to be explain

For the right of each one to be what you want, without having to be explain

Why do we tend to believe that people owe explanations for being so or roasting? Where do we take that we have the right to "find" things about them? What mania is this that we have to judge others all the time?

Everyone can have their butt the size they want. The belly too. The hair, the nail, the clothes and whatever else. What do we have to see if so-and-so has become fat or has he been "sloppy"? In what does it influence us if that celebrity is "a board so thin" or if that other one resolves to use "Black Power" hair?

In addition, each person relates to who better suits him: man, woman or gender. . If you give us "little", it is our problem, only.

If one wants to drop everything and go out into the world, it is a matter of the person, and only of it.

If that acquaintance decides to release her husband – even if it is marvelous – or even to betray him, it is not to be. problem our. And if someone decides that he wants to become "natureba", activist, politician, "life" or "nothing," none of that definitely matters.

Let's get real and leave our moralism aside. It's all well and good that it may be a cultural matter to try to keep everyone in line, but that is far from over.

We have to let go of making judgments about the actions of others. Each takes your life the way you want and we do not need to "understand" your issues.

Even if it is someone close to us, that we love, if the person is bigger and able, we have to put ourselves in our role – that is to take responsibility for OUR life – and let her live hers as she sees fit. Let him break his face and repent, if that be the case, but let him make choices and argue with the consequences, even with the possibility of being immensely happy, although not in the way we imagined to be the "More appropriate."

We do not realize that we spend so much of OUR time and OUR energy caring for the lives of others, of the life of the world.

Yes, because analyzing the choices of neighbors, relatives, colleagues, artists, acquaintances and strangers is very demanding of us.

Let's stop stunning ourselves with other people's issues and start looking inside And, let us remember: perhaps what most disturbs us in others is the reflex of the that there is in us – desires or defects – just as in a mirror.

And then, with whom should we really worry?!

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The more time we vibrate in the energy of our desires, the faster they manifest themselves

The more time we vibrate in the energy of our desires, the faster they manifest themselves

Vibrate in the good energy of your desires! "Do you want to test your power in the face of life?" Master your feelings. Take them wherever you want to vibrate. Let go of the discomfort, the suffering.

Feel it, feel it again, and other times and repeat it as many times as possible. Stay in the vibration of what you imagined, co-created and go adding details. Laugh with your thoughts, have fun with them. When you open your eyes in the morning thank what you have, what has not yet come and everything that comes along with what you want.

Listen to a song, imagine in the scenes, or in of the melody. If what you are experiencing at the moment is good, let this feeling remain within you and it becomes even stronger.

Think and feel wherever you are: lying in bed, under the shower, walking, in the car, on the bank queue, working. Even focusing on something you can expand the sensations.

And hold this energy for a long time in you. Take possession of what is yours.

Professor of Metaphysics and writer Neville Goddard wrote a book entitled "Feeling is the Secret" and advises against supporting anything bad. When an unwanted thought arises and we stay there nurturing more of the same, increasing the actions of what we are visualizing and vibrating, moving away totally from our connection with the Source.

Do not shelter what is not good . Do not give space. Our body is an emotional filter. Feeling precedes manifestation.

If what is manifesting before us does not do us good, just change. And even though it seems that we are running from reality in the eyes of the other, this is our true reality. That's where we need to focus and stay.

Want to test your power before life? Master your feelings. Take them wherever you want to vibrate. Let go of the discomfort, the suffering. If for some moment strange sensations make you feel unwell, stop, think: Why are you giving space for him to take care of your being?

Go changing slowly. It will always be a daily exercise. And suddenly you will realize that you are on the right path, that things are manifesting, you are learning the lesson and want to continue this study of yourself and your relationship with the Universe.

Propose to do things that the make happy: going to a temple, meeting with friends, dating, dancing, singing, meditating, reading, going out aimlessly, helping someone, being with the family, in touch with nature, watching a movie, reading, staying in peace alone.

And when what you're doing brings you pleasure, stay with it for as long as you can. Even if the things or people around you are not well, you can only do something if you are well, if you are in a better vibration in order to do your best.

When we focus on problems we believe we are showing the Universe that we are working on it and trying to solve it. It does not happen this way. We're just giving him power and not letting the solution come. You can not run after solutions all the time. From this perspective, that by opening ourselves to the Source, focusing on the situations resolved and the dreams realized without having to know exactly how to act and how everything will arrive, the answers come more quickly and things materialize in an incredible way.

Life without resistance is a delight to be lived.

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May your story be the best of your life!

May your story be the best of your life!

My story has beginning, middle and end; and as every good story has a well-embattled medium and the reader will have to pay close attention not to lose the thread of the skein.

Like every good story had a beginning, and at first it seemed kind of aimless, not knowing where to go, but I went ahead crawling, groping, walking first and then running, stumbling, falling, rising, laughing like I was in a big joke. Like every beginning of history, there were long descriptive paragraphs, a time to observe and learn, to know the world, people – the setting, the characters.

There is a chapter in my story (called adolescence) that is only dedicated to [19659004] to understand the main character. She talks for hours with the imaginary mirror, years in this interior monologue to seek her place in the world and revolt because the world did not seem to be her place.

And then it starts to get interesting: romance, adventure, the drama; a hint of comedy, sometimes a suspense and a fright. And in the history of my life so much happens and with so much intensity that barely gives time to understand all the events.

My story is equal to so many others, but at the same time so unique and different from any other history, that each day I myself enchant and surprise her.

The end is still undefined. I mean, really, everybody knows that every story, in the end, ends. But the end can also be synonymous with "objective" – ​​not of end but of purpose. And the end, "the purpose" of the whole story, ah, those, yes, are well defined. They have always been, from the beginning, even if it were not clear, even if unconscious, because it is in the DNA of the soul.

And you? When you look at your story, from your earliest memories to today, what do you see?

What struck you, what shaped you, what you dreamed and what you did?

What story do you tell yourself, which is quite different from the edited story that you put on for vanity?

What did you have to give up and what did you insist, persist, resist, reexist? How is your timeline interior, history that makes sense, builds it, defines it, reveals it?

As I said, every story is unique, and this uniqueness makes your life more beautiful than you can imagine. At the same time, the plurality of stories lived in one life is what makes our existence such a rich experience on this planet.

So let it be a good story to be told; especially, that it is an unforgettable story to be lived!

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Who speaks builds a castle for those who listen to inhabit it

Who speaks builds a castle for those who listen to inhabit it

A simple word may not change the world, but it can be magic in someone else's soul and touch the heart deeply transforming their lives forever.

The following are 7 examples of how what we say to others has power:

1. Encouragement for realizing dreams

A person who is tired of trying and frustrated that he can never succeed can think of giving up. A sweet word may be the incentive for one last attempt, which will change your life forever and make your dream come true. So, put the magic of perseverance into people's lives, the world already has too many critics.

2. It calms a wounded heart

Melancholy, sadness or depression. A defeat in life, a stab in the heart, a dream that vanished. Sweet words can touch this sad soul and change its energy by making believe in a happier tomorrow. The incentive is the bottom-up impulse to make believe that there are other opportunities, other loves, other laughs and other dreams.

3. It makes you believe in yourself

Sometimes people forget their own value. They feel rejected and lose the will to live. But your words can remind you of how special you are to the world. In quoting forgotten qualities, you are a mirror that reflects back the own light of people turning the end into a new beginning, because to believe in you is to follow in an infinite way.

4. Promotes Good

His words promote world peace. A subtle comment can make someone give up a revenge or calm their anger. And that power is transformative because you cut a negative energy that could spread throughout the world. Talk well with others, respect differences. Understand your faults. Honor the gift of the word that God gave you.

5. It makes you laugh

The ability to make you laugh is a treasure. Laughter soothes the soul and stress. It produces well-being, strengthens the immune system and, in addition to boosting self-esteem, helps eliminate depression. A simple joke can revolutionize someone's world. Do not be afraid to be silly, for your words can be an antidote to hate, to pain, and to make someone's smile a prayer to the world.

6. Emotions

Being able to move positively means having a higher soul. Emotion can lead us to delightful paths and incredible encounters with ourselves. Words that touch can soften pain, mature and heal wounds. Emotion also strengthens self-esteem, reducing shyness and combating depression. In addition, it helps us relate better to people and improves our sleep.

7. Attracts miracles

The word itself already has enormous power, when it is used in a prayer, then it can open the door of the world to the miracles of heaven. A phrase uttered in faith has the power to realize the graces that human reason is still unable to achieve.

Do you realize how much your word can be transformative? It is enough for you to choose to use it for good, because by making the life of just one person better, it is already possible to say that you have changed the world.

Now, if only the word already has this power,

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Your happiness depends solely on you!

Your happiness depends solely on you!

Like happiness, love is a state of mind. Feeling good, even being alone, is a privilege for the few. There are people who still insist on the theory that they need a love to find full happiness.

Like any other feeling, happiness comes from the inside out. And it will not be someone else who can bring it. Believe me, this is up to you.

Language created the word solitude to express the pain of being alone. And he created the word solitude to express the glory of being alone- Paul Tillich

There is a stark difference between the word “solitude” and the word “solitude”. Loneliness is when you feel sad about being alone. Already solitude, is when you feel good, even alone. Many people confuse the meaning of these little words. However, let’s talk about living solitude, finding reasons to be happy even if alone.

Relating is wonderful. Living next to someone happy and sharing that happiness to two is indescribable, however, the relationship can not be seen as the sole reason for their happiness.

Before entering into a relationship, you need to feel complete even if you are alone. It is not status that will change your state of mind, much less your way of looking at life and the beautiful things it has.

We are what we think, and what we think, we attract. If you are able to feel happy even single, life will put someone in your path who sees things the same way you do.

Understand, relationship is a complement. You will only find someone to complement you when you finally understand that being single is not synonymous with solitude . Once you understand this, you will be ready to live a life to two.

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A glass with salt water and vinegar can help detect the negative energies in your home!

A glass with salt water and vinegar can help detect the negative energies in your home!

Each of us has its own energy and we often feel and absorb energies from the people around us, whether they are positive or negative.

The same thing happens with objects and places as well. When all these things happen, our first instinct is to find some response or "excuse" to explain this unknown feeling. However, these events are not just our wandering mind or just random odd experiences. They are directly related to the residual energy present in the objects around us.

Residual energy is that which remains in the object even after the end of our interaction with it. It may seem unrealistic, but people, objects, and even empty spaces can retain energy.

Something that the great majority of people do not know is that energy can unite with anything and anyone, and it remains for many, many years until it is clean.

In this way, there may be lots of negative energy in your home, without you noticing. It can influence your life and your family members, creating an infinite cycle of negativity and toxicity.

The sources of these energies can be varied. It could be yours at times when you were feeling stressed or pessimistic; of the people who live with you or even of those who occupied the house before your family.

So, how can we do to eliminate these negative energies?

It has been proven that our emotional energy has a concrete effect on water. From this knowledge we can make a simple experiment to eliminate the negative energies in our homes.

The necessary ingredients are:

  • 2 tablespoons of white vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons granulated salt
  • 475 ml of filtered water

Mix all the ingredients for at least one minute, put the mixture in a transparent glass and leave it in a room of your house in which you pass the majority of your time.

Do your usual things and leave the glass there. You may notice that the salt will rise on the glass. When it stops, it is because it has captured all negative energy in the environment. You can do the same experience in other rooms.

After identifying the negative energies, it's time to do a cleaning in your house. You can do this in several ways, with incense, essential oils, coarse salt, sage. Choose the option you prefer.

After this process, you will notice that your house will have a much more "light" and "clean" air.


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