Coral decoration is warm and versatile. See ideas to apply!

There is a time, we made a pretty cool post with the colors that will trend towards decoration in 2015 according to the leading paint brands in the market. At the time, a color that stood out greatly for the versatility and endless possibilities of combinations was the Coral Reef , listed by Sherwin-Williams . Transiting through the coppery orange, rosy and red, the tone is warm, beautiful and has the transforming power to renovate all the rooms of the house. Without filling so much ball of color, but giving you due credit for the contribution you give to each corner of the house, we made a list of inspirations and ideas to apply the decoration coral in your home . Come on?

Many Ideas to Invest in Coral Decoration

Very popular in the fashion scene and decoration of wedding parties, the coral sets the tone that perhaps your home is in need. Each corner can receive touches of color or else the whole space can monochromatic with the adoption of coral walls and furniture . As it is a versatile color, both ideas fall very well and guarantee optimal combinations.

Investing in accessories for coral decoration , watch the environment style. Is it a classic, modern decor, vintage? Defined this, the next step will be to choose for items with characteristic design and combining sites with all the atmosphere created. Pillows, lamps, vases, rugs and paintings, as well as towels for bathroom and kitchen appliances are just a few examples of accessories that can be added to coral decoration .

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