Corn on the cob, Like This?

Corn on the cob, Like This?

Corn on the cob (recognized locally as “pole corn”, “cornstick”, “sweet pole”, “butter-pop” or “long maize”)[citation needed] is a culinary time period used for a cooked ear of freshly picked maize from a cultivar of candy corn. Candy corn is the maximum not unusual form of maize eaten directly off the cob. The ear is picked while the endosperm is in the “milk stage” so that the kernels are nonetheless gentle. Ears of corn are steamed or boiled, normally without their green husks, or roasted with them. The husk leaves are anyhow removed before serving.

Corn on the cob is commonly eaten even as nonetheless heat. It’s miles boiled or grilled. It’s miles then frequently pro with salt and buttered earlier than serving. A few diners use specialized skewers, thrust into the ends of the cob, to preserve the ear whilst eating with out touching the new and sticky kernels.

How to Cook Corn on the Cob in the Microwave

The maximum commonplace methods for cooking corn on the cob are frying, boiling, roasting, and grilling. Corn at the cob can be grilled immediately in its husk, or it may be husked first after which wrapped in aluminum foil. While oven roasting, cooking the corn inside the husk immediately at the rack is recommended. While roasting or grilling corn on the cob, the prepare dinner can first peel the husk returned to rub the corn with oil or melted butter, then re-comfortable the husk around the corn with a string.

Commonplace condiments and seasonings for corn at the cob include butter, salt, and black pepper.


Corn changed into eaten by way of local American tribes before EU settlers arrived in the Americas. The Maya ate corn as a staple food crop and ate it off the cob, both roasting or boiling it. Aboriginal Canadians in southern elements of Canada additionally devour corn.


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