For the right of each one to be what you want, without having to be explain

For the right of each one to be what you want, without having to be explain

Why do we tend to believe that people owe explanations for being so or roasting? Where do we take that we have the right to "find" things about them? What mania is this that we have to judge others all the time?

Everyone can have their butt the size they want. The belly too. The hair, the nail, the clothes and whatever else. What do we have to see if so-and-so has become fat or has he been "sloppy"? In what does it influence us if that celebrity is "a board so thin" or if that other one resolves to use "Black Power" hair?

In addition, each person relates to who better suits him: man, woman or gender. . If you give us "little", it is our problem, only.

If one wants to drop everything and go out into the world, it is a matter of the person, and only of it.

If that acquaintance decides to release her husband – even if it is marvelous – or even to betray him, it is not to be. problem our. And if someone decides that he wants to become "natureba", activist, politician, "life" or "nothing," none of that definitely matters.

Let's get real and leave our moralism aside. It's all well and good that it may be a cultural matter to try to keep everyone in line, but that is far from over.

We have to let go of making judgments about the actions of others. Each takes your life the way you want and we do not need to "understand" your issues.

Even if it is someone close to us, that we love, if the person is bigger and able, we have to put ourselves in our role – that is to take responsibility for OUR life – and let her live hers as she sees fit. Let him break his face and repent, if that be the case, but let him make choices and argue with the consequences, even with the possibility of being immensely happy, although not in the way we imagined to be the "More appropriate."

We do not realize that we spend so much of OUR time and OUR energy caring for the lives of others, of the life of the world.

Yes, because analyzing the choices of neighbors, relatives, colleagues, artists, acquaintances and strangers is very demanding of us.

Let's stop stunning ourselves with other people's issues and start looking inside And, let us remember: perhaps what most disturbs us in others is the reflex of the that there is in us – desires or defects – just as in a mirror.

And then, with whom should we really worry?!

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