Handling leaks and leaks

There are some places of the house, such as external wall, broken tiles, foundation and others that end up being affected by infiltrations.

When there is some infiltration that is in the baseboard, ceiling or wall, we can notice a darkening and it ends up desquamating and when accompanied by smell, means mold. In addition to damaging the aesthetics of the house, it can cause health problem.

To solve the problem, first you have to know where the water comes from a burst pipe leakage, soil moisture, cracks in the slab of broken tiles, clogged gutters or other.

Infiltration by tiles

For this type of infiltration review the roof, replace the broken tiles if the tile is out to put in place, if the trough fix it or unblocks.

Now if you are building, put as prevention waterproofing blankets that ensure durability to the treated surfaces, reduces maintenance and hinders the emergence of molds and fungi harmful to human health.

Infiltration in roofing slabs

In this case one should remove the coating coverage and the old blanket completely and re-waterproofing.

Infiltration of the soil

This occurs with houses that are built directly into the ground, the existing moisture in the soil rises through the walls,
In addition to waterproofing, the best solution and drain and waterproof. At the beginning of the work should already be waterproof, do not use putting ceramic coating over time it barks.