How to Remove and Prevent Acne

How to Remove and Prevent Acne

Today you can learn several techniques to prevent and fight acne which is one of the biggest concerns in adolescence as it is the time in which it usually appears.

To prevent acne and have perfect skin like the one below, there are many techniques that serve both girls and boys and some of them are as follows:

  1. If you have long hair (especially with bangs) and this is during the day in contact with the skin on your face try to wash your hair very often as it eventually becomes oily and your skin absorbs those lipids favoring mainly the appearance of pimples.
  2. After exercise, wash your face as toxins released in sweating can cause pores to develop subcutaneous clusters of fat ( internal grains ).
  3. Wash your face at least twice a day (morning and evening for example), with warm water and do not apply hand soap since most contain glycerin which is a type of fat and could cause the appearance of acne. In these cases it is advisable to use a special soap.
  4. If you have acne on your back use a sponge to access it when you shower and massage for a short period of time.
  5. Avoid touching your face with dirty hands. Many times we get bored and touch our face, and if they are dirty (even if we do not notice) this dirt accumulates in the pores favoring the appearance of famous blackheads so difficult to remove and even blackheads.

If you have already started the acne process here I leave some home and natural methods against acne.

  1. Apply lemon juice before going to sleep on the affected areas and let it act overnight. In the morning wash your face thoroughly with a special soap for oily skin and warm water. Continue applying until the pimples disappear.
  2. There are also different versions of point 1 but instead of lemon juice with drops of cologne or toothpaste that tend to dry the grain overnight.
  3. The following does not remove pimples but will remove confusion because there are many people who exfoliate their face when they have acne and it is a mistake as it can cause injuries. Exfoliators do not remove blackheads, so they should only be used in the case of having only blackheads.
  4. If the acne is very persistent and abundant it is advisable to go to the doctor and very likely this one will prescribe a strong antibiotic but that takes effect and leaves the perfect skin. Since the treatment is very strong it is advisable to resort to that medication only as a last option. A clear example of acne that should be treated with medication is that of the following photo.
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