Life is much more than just "finding someone"

Life is much more than just "finding someone"

A message for all the people who live against the meeting, looking for the "right person" and end up forgetting to live. For women who desperately expect their enchanted prince to arrive before they turn 30, and for men who feel inferior to their friends because everyone is already starting their families while they are "on the hook."

A life is much more than just meeting someone else.

Many people totally transform their lives when they begin to relate to someone, but not in a healthy way. They make the other person the center of their lives, and all they do is think about their good. They believe that relationships work that way, but they do not realize they are creating a toxic pattern. It takes a long time for them to realize that they are living for someone else and not for themselves.

When the relationship comes to an end, the person who has spent too much time sees himself alone, without the other that was his reason for

It takes time and a lot of internal work for these people to learn to be happy on their own without the presence of a romantic partner. However, once they are strengthened, they rarely repeat the same pattern, because the first experience has already been negative enough.

Pay attention to this, you do not need another person to be happy and successful ]

You have every right to be alone in your own company throughout your journey. Self-love must come before all other kinds of love. Do not enter into a relationship just to please your friends and family. Allow in your life only what YOU really want.

Understand that, although it is not perfect, you are enough. You have your own brilliance, you do not have to live in the rear of someone else. Recognize your value and be your own priority.

No person or relationship can provide you with all the happiness you need. This is totally in your hands. Take responsibility for your own life.

Free yourself from all your insecurities and fears. Life must be lived! So take the risk, let yourself go after your happiness. Do not close the doors that open in your life. Break down the wall that separates you from what the universe has prepared for you. Approach the people who love you and want your good and invest more in yourself.

Begin today to build your new life !

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