MaaS360 Boot Analyzer Tool

MaaS360 Boot Analyzer Tool

MaaS360 Boot Analyzer Tool is a program created with the purpose of measuring the startup time of your computer. While not presenting any solution to the problem, it is able to keep a daily log for you to know when some change in the system has resulted in a delay in loading – allowing you to find out more easily.

When you use the computer frequently, you end up installing several programs and, when you realize, the system is slow – especially during startup. If a log is maintained every time the PC has been switched on, however, it is possible to visualize the gradual increase of that delay. Windows do not have a native option for this, but with the MaaS360 Boot Analyzer Tool, There is how to time the startup of the computer.

Understand the results

There is no secret to using the MaaS360 Boot Analyzer Tool, just let the program keep the boots log (activated by default) and open it to review the charts. However, there is how to decrease the standby time between a reboot and another, because the program allows you to automate up to ten in sequence.

By selecting the “Test Now” option, in the “Actions” menu, enter the number of times you restart the PC and wait for the result (if you have more than one user, you must manually log in to each startup). If you wish to receive an alert when the boot exceeds a specific time, use “set thresholds” and set a warning criterion

The graph with each start-up time is shown on the main screen of the program: The column on the left indicates a number of seconds used, the line indicates the date and time of each. The details display the average of seconds and the default deviation, as well as the minimum and maximum values of the graph (select the check boxes to display the corresponding rows).

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