May your story be the best of your life!

May your story be the best of your life!

My story has beginning, middle and end; and as every good story has a well-embattled medium and the reader will have to pay close attention not to lose the thread of the skein.

Like every good story had a beginning, and at first it seemed kind of aimless, not knowing where to go, but I went ahead crawling, groping, walking first and then running, stumbling, falling, rising, laughing like I was in a big joke. Like every beginning of history, there were long descriptive paragraphs, a time to observe and learn, to know the world, people – the setting, the characters.

There is a chapter in my story (called adolescence) that is only dedicated to [19659004] to understand the main character. She talks for hours with the imaginary mirror, years in this interior monologue to seek her place in the world and revolt because the world did not seem to be her place.

And then it starts to get interesting: romance, adventure, the drama; a hint of comedy, sometimes a suspense and a fright. And in the history of my life so much happens and with so much intensity that barely gives time to understand all the events.

My story is equal to so many others, but at the same time so unique and different from any other history, that each day I myself enchant and surprise her.

The end is still undefined. I mean, really, everybody knows that every story, in the end, ends. But the end can also be synonymous with "objective" – ​​not of end but of purpose. And the end, "the purpose" of the whole story, ah, those, yes, are well defined. They have always been, from the beginning, even if it were not clear, even if unconscious, because it is in the DNA of the soul.

And you? When you look at your story, from your earliest memories to today, what do you see?

What struck you, what shaped you, what you dreamed and what you did?

What story do you tell yourself, which is quite different from the edited story that you put on for vanity?

What did you have to give up and what did you insist, persist, resist, reexist? How is your timeline interior, history that makes sense, builds it, defines it, reveals it?

As I said, every story is unique, and this uniqueness makes your life more beautiful than you can imagine. At the same time, the plurality of stories lived in one life is what makes our existence such a rich experience on this planet.

So let it be a good story to be told; especially, that it is an unforgettable story to be lived!

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