MSI Announces Infinite X, PC Gamer with Intel Eighth Generation Processor

The Infinite X is the new gamer PC MSI announced last Monday (30). The computer promises to run current games loosely, including those of Virtual Reality. As the main attraction, the model has an Intel processor of the eighth generation based on the Coffee Lake architecture. The datasheet also includes support for 64 GB of RAM and two high-speed SSDs.

The machine has a robust design and RGB LEDs that can be controlled via software – which allows the user to change colors and effects, for example. In addition, the device has a side glass panel and a cooling system of the MSI itself to keep temperatures low.

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To command the Infinite X’s brain, the company opted for the powerful Core i7-8700K with six cores, the maximum clock of 4.7 GHz and multiplier unlocked to perform overclocks more easily. Already the graphics are due to the powerful video card Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti with 11 GB of GDDR5 memory.

The 550W 80Plus Bronze power supply promises to make everything work as smoothly as possible, without problems caused by “dirty energy.” Finally, the machine has USB ports type A and C, HDMI and DisplayPort.

So far, MSI has not released price information, but it appears that the launch of Infinite X is expected to take place in November this year in international markets. It is worth mentioning that PC gamer already has Windows 10 Home installed. It is only necessary that the user configure the operating system in the way it sees fit.