She’s a woman, she’s the essence of the universe, she’s what she wants!

She's a woman, she's the essence of the universe, she's what she wants!

She is a woman. She’s what she wants. It is the essence of the universe . A poem still open. New trova, old rhymes, thousand verses. Each one, unique composition. Harmony, hug, compass, kiss, heart.

Your laughter, full river, open sea, song. Outside or within the pattern. Free, light, loose, plane. It’s key, it’s lock. It’s new, it’s mature. She is sweet, she cries, whispers, tenderness.

Her indecipherable gaze is courage. His wild, vanity. He comes in, invades, or asks for passage. She is real. It’s a woman!

Easy poetry, complex poem, nothing fragile. It’s the strong sex.

Of all race and color, of all creed and all love, she is unique, she is beautiful. Durona or female lady or girl, from the asphalt or from the trail, she never misses.

She goes everywhere. She runs, nothing, pedals, she tries, she knows how to get there.

She is a policeman, she is a firefighter, she is a teacher, she is a cleaning lady, she is a judge, she is a nurse, she is a doctor. or housewife, she owns everything, from mine, from her, from our world.

She is right and wrong, is without scribble or tattooed is flying or stands still, she is her, she is hers.

She is a mother, she is a wife, she is single, she is good or she is a warrior, she is quiet or she is a mess, she is of that whole.

Peasant or baroness, they are all princesses! She’s smart, she’s smart, she’s a cheek. Woman who takes everything seriously, or takes everything into play.

It has no formula, it comes without a manual, it has no prescription, it has no equal.

I will write, write, repeat, insist, note there: She is a WOMAN! WOMAN! WOMAN!


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