SSG displaces SKT and wins in final history of the 2014 World Cup

The 2017 League of Legends World Cup final went down in history by registering the Samsung Galaxy team as its champion. All because of their opponents, SK Telecom T1 three-time champions, who were the favorites and still had not lost any final match in which they participated. Only the victory would be a highlight, but it was, moreover, by three to zero, in a better scheme of five, reinforcing the superiority of the winners in matches full of good times for both sides.

Defeated but not weak

SKT, the legendary Faker’s team, has fallen to Samsung, but that does not mean they are either weak or performing worse than in other years. At various times during the match the power and skill of his players were seen, especially Faker himself. As much as his team was losing, the mid laner was able to accomplish goals and buy the right equipment very quickly to strengthen their champion in play.

The victory of the Samsung Galaxy was mainly due to the best preparation and possible training they did before the final match. It is worth remembering that, although they are always favorites, SKT has not been showing the same resounding result that was normally seen in past championships in the last phases of the 2017 World Cup.

Difficulty start

Still, since the start of the first match, SKT has shown great difficulty in reversing the opposing team’s bids. Players from the winning team like Crown and Ambition had a good time during the lane fights against their opponents, gaining territory and knocking down towers without much sacrifice.

The ease was so great that the match was very fast, inclusive. With just over 20 minutes Samsung tried to defeat its first “Baron” – a map target, a monster that gives more power to the team that defeats it – even if it has not. However, the dose was successfully repeated shortly thereafter and the crash ended in favor of Samsung with just under 34 minutes, one of the shortest times for world cup finals.

An amazing development

Known for being “uncalled for” or “unbalanced”, champion Yasuo always raises jokes and euphoria when he is chosen to participate in a clash in LoL finals. It was exactly what happened at the beginning of the second match when, even in the “picks and bans” phase, Huni chose precisely the samurai who controls the wind.

The choice seems to have yielded some result. More tied to try to tie, SKT was able to knock down the first tower, eliminate the first opponent and gain part of the map with ease, including goals. But when the two teams got together to start the “team fight” where everyone participates, Samsung managed to get the pressure they were suffering and then again end the match in their favor.

The obvious outcome

With two games already won, it was enough for the Samsung Galaxy to defeat SKT once again to get their hands on the cup. Faker’s team felt the pressure of having to win at least two matches to tie and then win the third to be the champion. But that did not happen. Faced with pressure, and with a replacement of Blank in place of Peanut, Samsung managed to win with just over 30 minutes.