The Benefits of Natural Food for Dogs

The food is the most important pillar for the health of any living being. And natural food (AN), with fresh ingredients and no added preservatives, is best for our body. We have already discovered the advantages of eating well, with your pet is no different. But if by logic you are still not convinced how beneficial it is to feed your pet with natural food, we will tell you some incredible benefits of this type of food.

Natural Feeding Prevents Serious Diseases in Dogs

Cancer, kidney, urologic and gastrointestinal problems are among the top ten diseases that cause death in dogs. The natural foodis a powerful resource in preventing these evils. Animals with these diseases, for the most part, are undergoing a process of chronic inflammation, it is like a constant response of the organism to an injury that has as characteristics the tissue destruction and repair attempts occurring simultaneously – as if the body were at war with himself. The natural food has less inflammatory reaction in the body, which will reduce the release of free radicals (harmful to the body and one of the causes of aging), preventing these diseases. This means you and your partner have a lot more moments together, much longer and with quality.

Balanced and personalized nutrition for the dog

The dog is one of the species with the highest polymorphism. What does that mean? That individuals are different from each other. What works well for your dog can do harm to your neighbor’s dog. With natural food, all the nutritional and energetic requirements of each pet can be served with selected ingredients, of quality and without the use of additives. This means that it is possible to create diets specific to your pet’s needs, both in relation to race, age, size, amount of physical activity practiced and lifestyle, as well as health status. Everything is very personalized. So if your dog has that otitis that never goes away, has kidney or heart problems, is overweight or is older, for example, there is a diet specific to him, in all cases. And the menu can be adapted whenever necessary.

Your dog takes more advantage of the nutrients

Still not convinced? There are more benefits! When your dog or cat feeds on natural food, it digests more easily all the nutrients there – and there are many! Who never gave chicken rice when the little dog was going bad? This type of food is also great for animals that have a more selective taste and have more difficulty at mealtimes. This is because natural food is what the species has been accustomed to eating for 15,000 years, pleases the palate, makes the menu varied and therefore more attractive, and has a seductive scent for the pets’ powerful nose. It also increases involuntary water intake, which is very important for health.