The Right Way to Cook Pasta

Even the simple dish has little secrets to staying perfect. See dough preparation tips, sauces recipes and how to serve

Do not think that to make noodles, just add dough to the boiling water. The story is not quite like that. The favorite dish of those who have little intimacy with the stove requires some care to be tasty. Check out 10 precious tips from João Beleza and Beto Fernandes, from the Italian restaurant Milano Doc in Rio de Janeiro, and make the pasta dish become a recipe for success. See also the secrets of preparing traditional and dear sauces.

Do not throw the noodles on the plate: learn the technique for serving long pasta.

1. Use 1 liter of filtered water for every 100 grams of dough. And be careful: pasta does not take long to cook. See the preparation time indicated on the package.

2. 10 grams of salt is the ideal measure for every liter of water. But put it in the water only after it boils, before adding the pasta. If you add before, it takes longer to warm up.

3. To find out if the mass is at the point, cut a wire and see if it is still possible to see a white spot in the middle. It’s ready when it’s one color.

4. It is not necessary to add oil or oil to the water so that the wires are undamaged. For this, the important thing is to cook the batter in enough water and stir a few times. Usually, the strands stick together when they start cooking. It is necessary to release them with the aid of a long fork.

5. If the pasta does not fit in the pan, it is not necessary to break it. Leave half out and as soon as the part immersed in the water softens, it will slip. Stirring with a fork helps in the process.

6. If you are going to serve with the sauce separately, dissolve a little butter or olive oil in the pasta. The same is true when the pasta is cooked for later use.

7. Always use large cookware, with more height than a diameter, and strong flame stove.