What are the parts of the computer?

What are the parts of the computer?

A desktop computer consists of several parts, but there are some that are indispensable for its operation: the cabinet (tower), the monitor, mouse and the keyboard.

The Cabinet

It is a metal or plastic structure and inside it are the components that make all the other parts fulfill their functions. It is considered the brain of the computer.

On the front and back are located ports (ports), connectors and buttons with which you can handle some functions of the computer. It is important that you know these buttons, since the position and style changes according to the model.

The Power Button

It is used to turn the computer on and off. In addition, on some computers, you can use and activate the different modes to save power: hibernate and suspend. We recommend reading the manual so that you know how to enable these functions on your computer.

The DVD-ROM drive (Digital Video Disc)

Also known as a CD-ROM, it allows the computer to read CD and DVD. Most optical disc drives can also write (or “burn”) data. Latest drives can read Blu-Ray discs (HD videos) and burn to them as well. A typical Blu-Ray store’s more data than a DVD or CD.
The eject button

This button is used to eject the CD or DVD from the drive.

USB ports or ports

Most desktop computers have multiple USB ports or ports. They can be used to connect almost any type of device, including mice, keyboards, printers, digital cameras among others. They often appear on the front and back of the computer.

Audio input and output

Many computers include audio inputs on the front of the case that allow you to easily connect speakers, microphones, and headphones, without having to access the back of the computer.

Source: pc-drive

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