Which Hat Hodel is Right for You?

Which Hat Hodel is Right for You?

The hat is one of the oldest accessories that accompany the woman. It serves to adorn the head, but also to protect it from the cold and the sun. It is a great ally to make the look more interesting.

“Style and personality” are the two words that the personal and corporate image consultant, Lilian Riskalla, uses to define what the hat adds to the look of a woman.


So much is true that many celebrities and even princesses and queens do not stop wearing the hat whenever possible.

Where you can and where you can not use

However, the hat is an accessory that you can not use everywhere. Therefore, it is always good to pay attention to the places that you can or can not adopt the accessory. Here is a list of places to use and not use, according to Lilian:

Where to use:

  • Daytime and outdoor events such as weddings, lunches, charity parties, teas
  • Festivals and shows that happen during the day;
  • Tours during the day on cold or sunny days;
  • Beach;
  • Field.

Where not to use:

  • At the table to eat;
  • Places closed like theater, cinema shows;
  • Workplaces, unless it is a safety hat or part of the uniform;
  • Dinners or other events indoors;
  • In the church and other religious temples.

Types of hat: how to use each model

Find out which are the most used hat models and learn how to insert them into the look:

Panama hat

Fedora Hat

Coconut hat

Cloche Hat

Floppy Hat

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