Who speaks builds a castle for those who listen to inhabit it

Who speaks builds a castle for those who listen to inhabit it

A simple word may not change the world, but it can be magic in someone else's soul and touch the heart deeply transforming their lives forever.

The following are 7 examples of how what we say to others has power:

1. Encouragement for realizing dreams

A person who is tired of trying and frustrated that he can never succeed can think of giving up. A sweet word may be the incentive for one last attempt, which will change your life forever and make your dream come true. So, put the magic of perseverance into people's lives, the world already has too many critics.

2. It calms a wounded heart

Melancholy, sadness or depression. A defeat in life, a stab in the heart, a dream that vanished. Sweet words can touch this sad soul and change its energy by making believe in a happier tomorrow. The incentive is the bottom-up impulse to make believe that there are other opportunities, other loves, other laughs and other dreams.

3. It makes you believe in yourself

Sometimes people forget their own value. They feel rejected and lose the will to live. But your words can remind you of how special you are to the world. In quoting forgotten qualities, you are a mirror that reflects back the own light of people turning the end into a new beginning, because to believe in you is to follow in an infinite way.

4. Promotes Good

His words promote world peace. A subtle comment can make someone give up a revenge or calm their anger. And that power is transformative because you cut a negative energy that could spread throughout the world. Talk well with others, respect differences. Understand your faults. Honor the gift of the word that God gave you.

5. It makes you laugh

The ability to make you laugh is a treasure. Laughter soothes the soul and stress. It produces well-being, strengthens the immune system and, in addition to boosting self-esteem, helps eliminate depression. A simple joke can revolutionize someone's world. Do not be afraid to be silly, for your words can be an antidote to hate, to pain, and to make someone's smile a prayer to the world.

6. Emotions

Being able to move positively means having a higher soul. Emotion can lead us to delightful paths and incredible encounters with ourselves. Words that touch can soften pain, mature and heal wounds. Emotion also strengthens self-esteem, reducing shyness and combating depression. In addition, it helps us relate better to people and improves our sleep.

7. Attracts miracles

The word itself already has enormous power, when it is used in a prayer, then it can open the door of the world to the miracles of heaven. A phrase uttered in faith has the power to realize the graces that human reason is still unable to achieve.

Do you realize how much your word can be transformative? It is enough for you to choose to use it for good, because by making the life of just one person better, it is already possible to say that you have changed the world.

Now, if only the word already has this power,

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