Wood carpet advantage in installation and price

Today the wood carpet is one of the most used in the renovation or in the construction of houses or apartments. They are composed of a thin sheet of natural wood, placed and pressed to a base of processed wood.

The wood carpet can be placed directly on the subfloor or even on top of the tiled floor. Unlike the wooden floor that needs to be glued or screwed, the fitting is of the male and female type attaching one piece to another.

Besides all the wood carpet in the matter of price is cheaper than laminates and hardwood floors, it resembles wood and has the comfort of thermal insulation, they are durable if they are well cared for.

Cleaning the wood carpet requires a little care, especially avoid contact with water and do not use waxes. Eventually wipe a well-twisted joined cloth, in the rest just sweep with a soft broom.

Source: goodhomeids.net