Your happiness depends solely on you!

Your happiness depends solely on you!

Like happiness, love is a state of mind. Feeling good, even being alone, is a privilege for the few. There are people who still insist on the theory that they need a love to find full happiness.

Like any other feeling, happiness comes from the inside out. And it will not be someone else who can bring it. Believe me, this is up to you.

Language created the word solitude to express the pain of being alone. And he created the word solitude to express the glory of being alone- Paul Tillich

There is a stark difference between the word “solitude” and the word “solitude”. Loneliness is when you feel sad about being alone. Already solitude, is when you feel good, even alone. Many people confuse the meaning of these little words. However, let’s talk about living solitude, finding reasons to be happy even if alone.

Relating is wonderful. Living next to someone happy and sharing that happiness to two is indescribable, however, the relationship can not be seen as the sole reason for their happiness.

Before entering into a relationship, you need to feel complete even if you are alone. It is not status that will change your state of mind, much less your way of looking at life and the beautiful things it has.

We are what we think, and what we think, we attract. If you are able to feel happy even single, life will put someone in your path who sees things the same way you do.

Understand, relationship is a complement. You will only find someone to complement you when you finally understand that being single is not synonymous with solitude . Once you understand this, you will be ready to live a life to two.

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